On Wednesday April 12 we will hold our final winter putting event of the season at the Calgary Horseshoe club.

For our wrap up event, everyone will be divided into 3 divisions with an added prize and payouts within each division. To attend the wrap up, you need to have attended 2 or more putting events during the year.

Divisions (men): We’ll have a division for the women, and men will be divided into and A and B pool based on prior performance during the year. The A pool will be the top 8 men who attend Wednesday, who will play a double elimination 1 vs 1 format for the indoor putting championship title. The B pool will be the remaining players, who will be competing for prize and payout and B pool champion. Format for the B pool will depend upon the turn out.

Divisions (women): The ladies have had a great turn out all year long so we’re hoping we can have 4 or more of you out Wednesday and run a 1 vs 1 round robin tournament amongst you. If less than that make it, we’ll have you play amongst the B pool but still have a prize for the top woman and women’s only payout.

Finally, the event will conclude with the pyramid and $5/basket to wrap things up!