Supporting Disc Golf in Calgary, Alberta!


The Calgary Disc Golf Club was founded in 2010 to help grow the sport that we all love in Calgary and area. Since that time, the CDGC has seen the sport grow rapidly as we have successfully installed a number of new courses in Calgary.

2011 – Baker Park – 18 holes (NW)
2012 – Old Refinery – 18 holes (SE)
2013 – Thornecliff – 9 holes (NE)
2015 – Lloyd Park – 18 holes (SW)
2019 – Old Refinery – 18 holes (SE) (currently closed )
2021 – Big Marlborough – 12 tones (NE)
2021 – North Glenmore Park – 18 tones (SW)
2021 – Stanley Park – 16 tones (SW)
2021 – Lindsay Park – 18 tones (SW)
2021 – Currie Reservoir – 21 holes (SW)

Aside from our direct efforts we have seen multiple new courses pop up.  A new 18 hole course was installed in 2018 in the NW (David Richardson Memorial Course) and in 2019 another in the SE at Bonavista Downs. In 2021 the CDGC brought 5 new courses, Big Marlborough, Currie Reservoir, Stanley Park, and Lindsey Park as well as assisting with the new Edgemont course. This brings Calgary’s total number of courses to 19 including Forest Lawn (2001-CDGA) and the three private community courses (Park 96, Lake Sundance and Lake Midnapore)

These courses have been planned and realized by the relentless efforts of the CDGC working with the City of Calgary and individual communities. CDGC Memberships have been vital in giving us the capital to work with to further enhance courses and create new ones. Please help support the growth of Disc Golf in Calgary by becoming a CDGC Member!

You will find lots of the history of disc golf in Alberta within this website. As we transition from the ‘classic’ web page to the newer slicker mobile friendly version we will be moving information over as we are able.

We welcome all comments and suggestions and are always looking for volunteers.

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  1. Neil Sandham

    We teach disc golf at our school in Airdrie. I live in Calgary and have played a few of the courses casually, but didn’t realize there was a local club or league. Hoping to start a club with some of the schools in Airdrie, so I might be contacting you for more information.

    • CDGCAdmin

      No problem Neil, we will help out however we can. cheers


  2. Kaitlin

    Hey, I was wondering if there was any where in Calgary that you can rent the sets of discs? Hope to hear back soon.

    • CDGCAdmin

      Hi Kaitlin,
      There is not anywhere currently to rent discs, however you can buy a disc for $15 and play all you want.
      Don’s Hobby Shop is a great start.


    • Shelley

      Lifesport in Kensington have a great selection of discs, as well, for the same price…$15. Very nice staff there to answer any of your questions.

  3. Robin

    Love the new look. But where does one find all the old awesome stuff that was on the old sure? Like all the old tour results. Cheers.

  4. Bonnie Kemp

    does anyone know about a course at River Park ?

  5. Brayden

    Looking for someone or some people to play some frolf with between today and the next couple days, new to calgary but have been playing for about 10 years now. Let me know!

  6. Stephen

    My 13 yr old son and I have gotten into disc golf this summer. We play at Baker Pk and he uses a disc golf disc while I use an Ultimate frisbee (is that allowed btw?? I know casually but i mean if we were to go in a tournament? I have better control with it!)
    Where can we play with others in a more organized way?

  7. Maureen Burton-Bukhari

    My husband and I are interested in learning disc golf. The only experience we have ever had is with a PlayStation game and it looks like something we would want to do in real time. Where do we start?

    • James

      HI Maureen. Did anyone ever get in touch with you? The best thing to do is a buy a putter from one of the local disc golf shops and the pop by one of the courses close to your house. If you’re on Facebook, feel free to join us and ask for more info there. There’s tons of folks happy to introduce you guys to the sport.

  8. Sylvia

    When is the course in Stanley park going to be completed

    • CDGCAdmin

      Hi Sylvia, Stanley Park is a temporary course. It may be further installed in the future or it may be removed. Best bet if you want to support the course, call 311 and tell them about it.

    • CDGCAdmin

      The Stanley Park course is a temporary course to show the sport of disc golf to people who may not normally be exposed to it. If you like the Stanley Park course call 311 and let them know about it. That kind of feedback is helpful is keeping these courses around.

  9. Jenny

    Hi, I wonder if there are any events, lessons, etc. for kids. My 7 year old learned to play disc golf this summer in Fernie and is keen to play more. I thought it would be fun for him to have a lesson or join a weekly club but not sure if anything exists here in Calgary.

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