Supporting Disc Golf in Calgary, Alberta!


Q: Do I need to book a time to play?  What does it cost to play?

A: Disc golf is free to play (in most cases) and open to play whenever you want depending on park hours.  All you need is a disc and you can play, a disc typically costs less than $20.  As you get to be a better player, you will experiment with new discs and techniques.    There are thousands of courses worldwide, so you can usually play a new course when you travel.  There are currently (2022) over 7700 courses in North America, including over 725 in Canada, 79 in Alberta and 26 in the Calgary area.

Q: Are all the courses in Calgary free to play?

A: No,  Lloyd Park is open to all players, however there is an annual fee of $35 for entrance to the park, or a one day fee of $5.  There is also a few private community parks which you need to be with a community member to enter the park and play.  (Park 96,  Lake Sundance and Lake Midnapore).    All other courses are free to play in Calgary and area.

Q: Where can I get golf discs?

A: The best sources of disc golf discs in Calgary are:

Don’s Hobby Shop –  located at 1515 Centre St NW
Lifesport – located at 4711 85 St NW
Switching Gear YYC – located at 1130 10 Ave SE
Limber Disc Golf – located at 4008 4 St SE
Gander Disc Golf – located at 1920 32 Ave NE

They all carry a full line of discs from most of the major companies.

The CDGC also organizes occasional disc swap events where members buy, sell and trade discs. They’re a great opportunity to pick up some bargains.

Q: What are the rules for playing Disc Golf?

A: The full rule book for can be found on the PDGA Website.   PDGA Rulebook 

Q: What is the PDGA?

A: The PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) is the govening body for the sport of Disc Golf.  They set the rules of play, sanction tournaments,  and contribute to course development.  The Canadian branch of the PDGA has financially helped many courses be established in our country.  PDGA Website

Q: Where does my money go when I join the Calgary Disc Golf Club (CDGC)?

A: Great question! The CDGC utilizes all of our income for the betterment and benefit of the club and our members. This includes and is not limited to:  administration expenses, donations to Disc Golf tournaments and events and Sports Development Grants to help improve new and existing courses that we all love! The CGDC Board keeps ZERO of the money that is provided to the club. Our participation is solely based on volunteerism.

Q: What is doubles?

A: This is when you and a random partner team up and play together. You are typically paired up by flipping discs for head/tails until groups are established.  During the game, you each throw once, but only take the best throw for the next turn. It’s a fun way of meeting new people. The top three teams  win prize money.  Entry fee is usually $5.  Doubles happen at various courses on the weekend, see the Weekly Events page.

Q: Am I good enough to enter a tournament?

A: Tournaments are a great place to meet and test your mettle against other players and try out new courses. Novice players are often intimidated by the prospect of competing in their first tournament but, trust us, they’re a lot of fun! We find that most players over-estimate the degree of skill required to compete and often say that they wished they’d entered sooner. Check out the Events page for more information on upcoming tournaments.

Q: How can I get better?

A: Once you’ve cleared the 100, 200 or 300 foot barrier, the desire to increase your throwing distance can become addictive. There are tons of resources available on the Web (e.g. Reddit) and YouTube where you can learn some of the basics. Honestly, though it just takes lots and lots of practice. Having said this, if you see an advanced player throw really well, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Believe it or not, they were just like you once and are probably more than happy to share some tips and maybe even give you some feedback on your throwing technique.

A good FAQ from Innova Discs