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Weekly Events

CDGC Tuesday Night League


CDGC Tuesday Night League at Forest Lawn
6:30pm Sharp Start
2020 Season will start on June 30th

Based on handicap system, all skill levels welcome!  Must be a current CDGC Member – Memberships available online, show receipt at course if you it is your first week. 
$10/week, $5 payout, $4 to year end prizes, $1 to CDGC 

CDGC Disc Golf League Rules      
Tuesday Night League Scoring  (2004 – 2019)

CDGC Thursday Night Tags

Held at 6:30pm at Thornecliff (6:00pm after 8/20)
Must be a current CDGC Member to have a tag
Players compete for tags based on score for the 18 hole round.  1st place gets lowest number tag, and so on.  You compete with your like numbered 4-some for low score on the night. More info

Saturday Random Doubles

2020 Season will begin on July 4 at Thornecliff
11:00AM & 1:00PM   
$5 entry + $5 optional acepot

Sunday Random Doubles 

2020 Season will start May 24th at Forest Lawn 
11:00AM & 1:00PM    
($5 entry + $5 optional acepot)