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Weekly Events

CDGC Tuesday Night League


CDGC Tuesday Night League at Forest Lawn
6:30pm Sharp Start
2021 Season will start on May 4th

Based on handicap system, all skill levels welcome!  Must be a current CDGC Member – Memberships available online, show receipt at course if it is your first week. 
$10/week, $5 payout, $4 to year end prizes, $1 to CDGC 

CDGC Disc Golf League Rules      
Tuesday Night League Scoring  (2004 – 2019)

CDGC Thursday Night Tags

Held at 6:30pm at Thorncliffe (6:00pm after 8/20)
Must be a current CDGC Member to have a tag
Players compete for tags based on score for the 18 hole round.  1st place gets lowest number tag, and so on.  You compete with your like numbered 4-some for low score on the night. More info

Thursday Tags is over for the year and will resume in May 2021

Saturday Random Doubles

2020 Season will begin on July 4 at Thorncliffe
11:00AM & 1:00PM   
$5 entry + $5 optional acepot

Sunday Random Doubles 

2020 Season will start May 24th at Forest Lawn 
11:00AM & 1:00PM    
($5 entry + $5 optional acepot)