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Frisbee Flingers told to curtail golf games

Frisbee Flingers told to curtail golf games

CALGARY (CP) – Fans of Frisbee golf are on the hook to find a new park to play in because the city is worried all the fancy flinging will harm a nearby fish hatchery.

Up to 300 members of Calgary’s disc golfing community – a game similar to regular golf but played with Frisbees have been told they will be grounded completely within five years so North America’s largest fish hatchery can be better protected.

More than 3.5 million trout are raised every year at the Sam Livingstone Hatchery.

This is more than an important wildlife area – it is the primary fish breeding facility in Alberta,’ said Ald. Barry Erskine.

Tanya Trimble, president of the Alberta Disc Sport Association, said she is pleased they haven’t been kicked out of the park completely and that a new spot will be found.

But she stressed that no one in her association disrespects the environment, she said.

‘We are advocates of naturalizing the area, but before they make judgments, they should come out and see the sport played.’

Plans to add a natural wetland area to the Bow River site also has the fish facility at odds with the golfers.

About 30,000 rounds of Frisbee golf are played near the hatchery every year.

That number of rounds must be cut back to 10,000 by next April to allow for the new wetlands.

It’s feared that even a reduced number of out-of-bounds golfers will still disturb nesting birds and spawning fish along the outdoor waterways.

The planned bogs and ponds, to be built at a cost of $800,000, will flood about 40 acres of parkland around the hatchery and be used as an educational and quiet recreation area.


Reproduced without permission from the Red Deer Advocate – July 22,1999