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No Parking For Disc Golfers


Calgary Sun May 13, 2000

By Bill Kaufmann – Calgary Sun

Some northwest Calgary residents are on a collision course with a group of disc-golfers who they say have abruptly invaded their neighbourhood park.

The disgruntled neighbours say the golfers – who’ve set up an 18-post course in Canmore Park at 19 St and Canmore Rd. N.W. – pose a safety and environmental hazard to the site.

“Everything that has been built up for the last 30 years is going to go.” Said Betty Mainwaring,  who’s lived near the park for the past 45 years.


She said bird species that have been attracted to the partly-natural park setting could be killed or driven away by the sharp high-velocity discs the golfer use.

And residents also fear for the safety of park users who might not see the discs zipping through the air under the cover of foliage.

“They’ve come close to hitting people already,” said Marty Calhoun, adding passions are rising among neighbours opposed to the disc golf course.

“There have been confrontations already.”

A meeting is planned Monday between residents and players at Triwood Community Centre at 7:30pm.

Calhoun said a petition signed by about 250 people opposing the activity will be presented.


Ald. Joanne Kerr said the players have been bounced around from various sites by the city.   The disc-golf association could not be reached for comment.

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Reproduced without permission by Alan Herring