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Winter Indoor Putting League Icebreaker Dec 21!

Okay, its that time of year again – winter putting league will resume at the Calgary Horseshoe club Wed Dec 21st.
6:30pm Doors, set-up, free play
7:00pm Games.

Games last until around 9:30pm.

We can use any baskets people can bring, between Alan Herring, Scott Beuker and myself, we have enough basket to cover 16 attendees, there needs to be another basket for each two people. Last year we needed about 10 per night. If you’re coming and have a basket – please bring it with you just in case.

The Horeseshoe club was kind enough to give us this first night at no charge as a way to get to know us and for us to get to know Glenn, their new president. That being said, instead of the usual $10 to cover costs, we’ll do $5 this time, all for pay-outs. For those not confident to bet on your putting skills – do not worry, doubles teams are mixed after each of 4 or 5 rounds so you won’t be buried nor will you hold someone back all night and I can assure you, everyone can throw a disc 30 feet and you will learn something. Its great practice and great way to meet your fellow golfers – think of it as bowling league for disc golfers…

Glenn has mentioned that he will likely run bar for us, I can confirm in the comments if that will start this time, I think it was $4/beer last time – also will confirm.

Briefly for those who haven’t been – we’re playing a version of horseshoes played with a partner against another team of two, shooting two shots each in turn into a basket 10m away. One hit scores one point, both putts scores 3. 21 pts completes the round. Everyone gets an equal number of turns, so both teams can score 21. Both members of the team get the full 21. Totals at the end of the night pay out top 3 individuals. At the end we have a bonus putt-off for $10.

We’re definitely going to try some different formats through the season, with this as the default setting.

Also, I will have a selection of putters available on-site for purchase, if you have or need anything specific let me know. Brands include: Dynamic, Lat 64, Westside, Gateway, Element, MVP, Axiom, Prodigy, Legacy and Prodiscus.

Hope to see you there!

Kelly  Sereda