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2018/19 CDGC Winter Putting League

Starting Monday Nov 19 – Season 4 of putting live at the Calgary Horseshoe club! There’ll be thrills, chills and bills – $10 gets you a whole seat, but you’ll only use the edge of it.

Hosted by Alan Herring, Scott Beuker, and Kelly Serada, the plan is to run weekly with a mix of formats including our Horseshoe game, the obstacle course, putt-off, the pyramid and a couple of things stewing to spice it up if need be.

6:30-7pm set-up/warm-up. 7-9:00ish putting games, 9ish to 9:15ish wrap up game, 9:15-30 clean-up. We have a little flexibility to close out, so be prepared for a few more minutes at the end in case things get super intense.

Weekly price will remain $10. Whatever doesn’t go to cover rent will go to prize outs, the more that make it in, the more there is to win.

Also – hot dogs for dinner baby! Snacks and cold beer too, served by Mike and Mary, bring a few extra bucks for that.

For anyone new – don’t miss out worrying you’ll suck – it’s fun and laid-back and the games are played mixed doubles and teams with singles for the bonus cash prizes at the end only. Come get some practice, stuff your face and before you know it, it’ll be spring. Or Tuesday.

*IMPORTANT* – calling for baskets again! We have 7 between us to start and require 1 for every two people. If you are looking forward to attending and might have a basket to loan – either for the evening or indefinitely – the Horseshoe club has kindly arranged for space for us to store during the season. Let us know below and thanks!

Feel free to ask any questions on the CDGC Facebook page:

Hope to see you all soon.

Alan, Scott and Kelly