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‘Greed’ Putting Game Explained


Synopsis: Greed is a doubles based putting game that allows players to choose the distance of their putt, scoring more points for greater distances, but still rewards consistency over distance. The unique element to the game is that only the team that makes the most putts in each round will score points, but the farther the putts they made, the more points they will score.



1.1 – Five lines are equally spaced away from the basket at 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 feet.

1.2 – Points values for each line are 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 respectively.

Round format:

2.1 – Teams alternate turns putting, with each turn being 1 player putting twice.

2.2 – The team that is currently winning putts first (and third, the losing team second and fourth).

2.3 – If teams are tied, the team that scored points most recently goes first.

2.4 – For the first round, teams flip a disc to decide who goes first.

2.5 – For each putt, players may choose which line to putt from, and score the point value of the line if they make the putt.

2.5.1 – One exception is that the team which is currently winning the game may not putt from the 1 point line.

Round scoring:

3.1 – Only the team that makes the most putts (not points) in a round gets to add their round points to their game score.

3.2 – In case of a tie in the number of putts made, the team that scored the most points adds the difference between the teams points in the round to their game score.

– Example: If Team A makes 3 putts for 10 points, and Team B makes 3 putts for 12 points, then Team B would add 2 points to their game score.

3.3 – If both teams score the same number of points on the same number of putts, neither team adds points to their score.

Game format:

4.1 – A game is comprised of 10 rounds, with 2 putts per person per round.

4.2 – Teammates alternate who goes first for their team each round. One player will go first on odd numbered rounds, the other even.

4.3 – Most points wins. If teams are tied after 10 rounds, 1 additional round is played. In the overtime round, players may never putt from a line that that would result in an equal score to the other team should they make the putt at any point in the round.


Rules version 1.1, last updated Mar 20, 2019.