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Calgary Junior Profile #3 –Conall McLeod

In the 3rd and final installment of this series, James Koizumi talks to Conall.

You may see this face on the Calgary courses. Relatively new to the scene is Conall McLeod. As he asks to play through, you’ll notice he just threw his drive 50ft past yours.

In our third and final junior feature of this series we sat down with him before a round at Baker as he prepares for an upcoming tournament.

His three recommended discs for new junior players are:

Q: What is your favorite thing is about disc golf?

A: Probably being able to go to a course and have fun for cheap anytime you want.

Q:  What would be your best tip for new junior players (and their parents) ?

A: I think they should practice all the shots, so backhand and forehand right from the get go and use lighter weights to start off so you don’t have to flex the disc all the time, you can learn to throw it straight. You will probably have more fun that way too not always finishing and dumping it.