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7 years ago in Calgary Disc Golf History….

2013 was a big year for disc golf in Calgary/Canmore. The annual Canmore Discraft Ace Race had already been competing for 3 years as the 3rd largest Ace Race event in the world, out of a pool of 300+ cities participating. The 2013 Ace Race started to come together as a huge event as registrations grew to over 200 players. The weather forecast was great for the weekend which caused the total player count to be 253!

The 2013 Ace Race winner was Brent Blackshaw, from Cochrane, with 2 aces and 2 metal hits, Brent won a bag with 10 discs and a new Chainstar basket! Due to previous years big attendance numbers, Discraft was sending an extra basket every year for top 3 finish. This allowed us to do a huge ‘Ring-o-Fire’ mass putt-off and give away -another- new Chainstar basket. The winner was Luke Viccars (12 years old?) who was the only one to land in the basket.

We ended up as the 3rd largest event worldwide (again!) The 2013 Ace Race prototype disc became the Mantis

2013 Ace Race Largest events (top 3):
Kansas City, MO / Scott Reek: 300
St. Clair Shores, MI / Eric McCahill: 260
Canmore, AB / Al Herring: 253

Here is a link to the mass putt-off from that day, (note how the rain came after the event was finishing)

The following year had another huge putt off, which Rudy Falconer captured with a drone.

Thanks to Rudy Falconer for the videos and group picture!