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Baker Park, CDGC

Announcement: Baker Park Refurbishment 2020

As many of you have undoubtedly noticed, Baker Park is going through some changes. The CDGC and CDGC Development Committee would like to take some time to inform you, the Calgary disc golf community, about these changes and why they are necessary for the continued growth and development of the sport of Disc Golf in Calgary.

Let’s Start with the Good News:

Baker Park is installing 20 new teepads and over 18 new basket locations in Baker Park. This allows for two course layouts to be rotated throughout the season. The “Silver” layout will undergo some minor changes and includes most of the old pin locations and teepads. The new “Red” layout will be an almost entirely new course. The CDGC fully supports this exciting development.

Motivation behind the Redesign:

The reason for this refurbishment was a result of some very pressing concerns raised by the City of Calgary, mainly the rate of environmental damage and erosion in Baker Park, as well as the safety concerns of players and public which have resulted in recent hospitalizations. Both of these concerns are serious enough that without intervention by the City, there was a serious risk of indefinite closure of the Baker Park disc golf course.

Considerations for the Community

Maintaining a positive relationship with all stakeholders is imperative for our disc golf community. While we are all passionate and enthusiastic about disc golf we need to acknowledge that a good working relationship is needed to move forward with projects like the Currie Reservoir / Richmond Green site and Old Refinery course. The CDGC club fully supports the development of Calgary and the surrounding area into a world class disc golf destination. This is not possible without mutual understanding and relationship building by all of our stakeholders. We ask for your full support as we continue to build our parks into safe and environmentally sustainable courses.

We can’t provide answers to every question but we have a dedicated communications team of volunteers who will provide information as it becomes available.