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CDGC, Thorncliffe

Thorncliffe Parking Situation

Please read the following important announcement from the CDGC Executive. 

The club was recently contacted by the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association about the parking situation at the Thorncliffe Disc Golf Course.  There has been a growing number of complaints regarding disc golfers parking in front of residences on Taylor Crescent and other adjacent streets, and community residents have been taking action.

When this course was built, part of the agreement with the TGCA and residents of Thorncliffe/Greenview was that disc golfers do not park on the residential side of Taylor Crescent when using the course. Failure to comply with this request could result in losing community support for the course. Negative outcomes such as this will have a major impact on the CDGC’s future ability to build new courses in other areas of the city. 

Please see the attached parking map, there is plenty of parking available on the “park” side of Taylor Crescent, as well as the parking lot at the TGCA community hall.

We recognize that club members only represent a fraction of users at this course. As members we are all ambassadors for our game, you can do your part by:

  • Setting an example by only parking in the agreed upon parking areas
  • Politely informing those unaware of the TGCA agreement as to where to park 
  • Positively interact with community residents when given the chance