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Big Marlborough Park, CDGC

Big Marlborough Park Temp Disc Golf Course Is Officially Open


The story

In the past 18 months the popularity of disc golf has skyrocketed in North America. Due to  COVID-19, the game’s popularity has drastically increased, given that the sport is outdoors, family recreational and is a relatively inexpensive cost given the downturn in the economy. Calgary is no exception, courses are becoming overwhelmingly busy. 

Because of the increased popularity, amateur disc golfer, Calgary Disc Golf Club volunteer and RPM Discs sponsored Tribesman Melissa Bright alongside Calgary Disc Golf ambassador and Gander Disc Golf Sponsored player Amber Hayward were presented with an opportunity to take the lead in a project of creating the first known disc golf course in Canada to be created by female disc golf volunteers.

Melissa and Amber carefully selected their team of female volunteers and started planning. They wanted to ensure they leveraged skills but also wanted to provide the opportunity to a variety of female volunteers and empower them to step up and become more involved in the male dominated disc golf community.  

After a short but busy 8 weeks full of planning, field testing, promoting, construction and late nights, Big Marlborough Park Disc Golf Course was officially open to the public and playable April 11th, 2021. 

Unfortunately, the official opening day event had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions but that didn’t stop many curious and faithful players coming to Big Marlborough to play the course throughout the week. Once Covid-19 restrictions lift, the ladies look forward to hosting an official opening day event. 

About the course

Big Marlborough Park Course is a temporary 12 hole tonal course located in the NE quadrant of Calgary and was designed to safely fulfill the recreational needs of  beginners, female players, juniors, seniors and families in the community. Although the course was designed towards beginner players,  it still provides a challenge to experienced players as well as it challenges them with shorter technical upshot approaches. Big Marlborough Park is surrounded by 4 schools and a community center all of which are excited to have the course in their community. The Big Marlborough Park Course is in agreement with the City of Calgary to be in place until September 2022, this will help alleviate traffic and environment sustainability on other courses throughout Calgary. 

Many thanks

Melissa and Amber want to thank the following people and organizations for their assistance, collaboration and generous donations. This goes without saying how community driven disc golf in Calgary can be! 

DiscFlow Ltd.
Calgary Disc Golf Club
Parks Foundation Calgary
City of Calgary
Canadian Centre for Men and Families – Alberta
Frisbee Rob
RPM Discs
Chimmi Hot Sauz
Okanagan Disc Supply
Gander Disc Golf
Priscilla Fulmes
Kristine Eidness
Kat Debeer
Tara Tremel
Kelly Koizumi
James Koizumi
Christian Laychuk
Greg Rafter
Dave Page
Bryan Ferrari
Kyle Chiasson
Matt Buteau
Sean Rickard
Rick Debeer
Austin Wattling
Rob Mascarin
Eric Johnson
Alex Lam
Howi Meeker