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2021 CDGC Tournaments & Leagues

Lots of tournaments and League action to keep you busy this year!

There is now scheduled league days for almost every day of the week, making this the busiest year ever! Get out there and enjoy – there will be a couple of new courses in the mix this year – stay tuned for details on each event as they get closer!

* PDGA-L is a PDGA sanctioned league

* New courses will be in play this year for our events! Currie Reservoir and some other nice surprises are in store for Calgary!


  1. Farnoush Saiad Shirabad

    Hello. My husband and I would like to start playing Disc Golf. Would you please let us know the price for membership, how to get to leagues?
    Thank you

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      Welcome to Calgary Disc Golf! Almost all courses are free to play and require no reservations – just show up and play.

      Our membership options are at as well as lots of information on upcoming events , tournaments and leagues.

      Single Annual Memberships are $28 or Family Membership at $43

      There is also lots of information in our Facebook page


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