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18 New Baskets Installed at Lloyd Park!

If you have noticed that the Lloyd Park disc golf course feels a bit shinier and newer, it’s not your imagination! On August 22, 2021 – 18 brand new Dynamic Discs Veteran baskets were installed into the existing pin placements. 

Why were new baskets installed?

Earlier this year, members of the club approached Dynamic Discs to advise on how to handle some small amounts of rust forming on the existing baskets. These baskets were purchased in 2016, and were the first generation of this particular model of basket. Dynamic Discs advised that the rusting issues have been remedied on subsequent updates to the Veteran basket, and amazingly provided a full warranty replacement for the baskets at Lloyd Park. 

We were truly impressed, and Dynamic demonstrated that they are a company that fully stands behind their products, and that offers incredible customer service. 

What is happening with the old baskets?

The original baskets are still held by the CDGC and have been put into storage for the time being. We recognize that the prospect of 18 additional baskets is an exciting one, but please be patient, the CDGC board will make an announcement at a later date.  

Thanks and Recognition

The CDGC would like to recognize Dynamic Discs for their outstanding customer service and incredibly high standards to ensure that their best product is in use at one of Calgary area’s flagship courses!

We would also like to thank the amazing team of volunteers that banded together to install the new baskets quickly and efficiently!

This is also a good opportunity to recognize the ongoing volunteer hours by members of the community that go into the course maintenance (such as mowing the grass) at Lloyd park, of which the costs are covered by CDGC memberships, and in some cases are paid out-of-pocket by volunteers. The baskets at Lloyd were originally purchased by the CDGC through individual hole sponsorships by members of the Calgary disc golf community, as indicated on each hole sign. All of these contributions have resulted in this beautiful course which is something we can all be proud of. 

You can support the maintenance at Lloyd park and other club initiatives to build the disc golf community in Calgary by becoming a CDGC member (Join the CDGC here!).