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Baskets Installed at the Edgemont Disc Golf Course

Volunteers from the Calgary Disc Golf Club (CDGC) and Edgemont Community Association (ECA) completed the installation of 12 new baskets (11 holes + 1 practice basket) at John Laurie Park (John Laurie Blvd and Edgemont Blvd NW).  This is a major step in enhancing the facilities for the community members in and around Edgemont and increasing park usage.

The Calgary Disc Golf Club has been partnering with the ECA committee on this project for 2.5 years, starting with the initial course design concept. The design has changed significantly since then, with the ECA responding to multiple requests from stakeholders with the assistance of the CDGC and YYC Disc Golf.  The CDGC and YYC Disc Golf have also been partnering with the ECA to help them navigate those challenges, as well as our volunteers have been out to run events, tournaments, league nights, assist in the procurement, budgeting, grant application information, signage development and even sitting on the ECA committee as a member. 

Today marks a big step for the ECA as well as the Calgary disc golf community.  Permanent signage will be reviewed and assessed for 2022. We would like to thank all of the CDGC volunteers for the hundreds of hours of work that made this course possible. 

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  1. Susan Tomecek

    Hi. My son is beginning this sport. He is an young adult (student) and can drive across to different courses. Wondering what you get with a membership? Is there a fee for courses if you are not a member? Please fill me in. I am thinking of Christmas gift. Thanks, a mom in Edgemont

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      Hi Susan, Thanks for your interest in the Calgary Disc Golf Club. Courses are free to play for the most part whether you are a member or not. Membership in the CDGC brings you access to the latest news and events being put on by the club, clinics for all levels, lots of Junior events and a great community of players. We currently have almost 100 junior players (under 18) in the club. Juniors pay once for a membership that is good until they turn 18. Hope you are enjoying your new course in Edgemont!

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