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CDGC, Junior, Tournament

Chain Smashers Junior Tournament series starts April 23rd at Big Marlborough

Chain Smashers: Big Marlborough is the Calgary Disc Golf Club’s (CDGC) first JUNIOR tournament for the 2022 disc golf season.

It’s about fun and growing the disc golf community.

All are welcome –  from those new to the sport, to experienced youth.

Player Pack:

  • 1 disc arranged by Chucking Canuck Disc Golf
  • 1 Chain Smashers T-shirt supplied by Chucking Canuck Disc Golf
  • Chucking Canuck Disc Golf discount code (emailed after the tournament)
  • JK Discs discount code (emailed after the tournament)
  • Lifesport discount code (emailed after tournament)
  • Potentially some other extras!

For all details and registration, click HERE