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Help us save North Glenmore Disc Golf Park


The City has informed us that the North Glenmore Park Disc Golf Course agreement will not be renewed when it expires at the end of October 2022. Therefore, North Glenmore Park will be removed and decommissioned.

The 18-hole temporary disc golf course at North Glenmore Park was installed on June 27, 2021 in conjunction with City of Calgary Parks and a number of volunteers from the CDGC and YYC Disc Golf. 

The course was a success and was well received with positive feedback from the disc golf community. North Glenmore Park offers a beautiful setting with good amenities such as nature, parking and portable toilets, with the option to bring your pets along for the round.

It also offers excellent exposure and accessibility to families, schools and neighbouring communities to activate an underused area of the park.

There is an opportunity to try and save North Glenmore Park. Immediate action from the entire disc golf community must happen now to reinstate the temporary course. 

What can we do to save North Glenmore Park Disc Golf Course?

First and foremost, keep the feedback and approach INFORMATIVE, POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE.  Tell stories about the positive impact that disc golf and disc golf at North Glenmore Park has had on yourself and others you know. Post on social media with photos and videos about you and your friends and family enjoying disc golf at North Glenmore Park or other courses around the city.

Here are five (5) steps of action for what you can do to save North Glenmore Disc Golf Park and protect our disc golf courses in the City of Calgary. Again, keep the approach informative, positive and constructive:

1. Contact the Ward 11 – Coun. Kourtney Penner, Mayor Jyoti Gondek, the Lakeview Community Association and surrounding schools to North Glenmore Park

Coun. Penner

Comments to Ward 11:

Social Media:

Mayor Gondek

Social Media:

Lakeview Community Association

Surrounding schools that may use/access North Glenmore Park for disc golf:

Bishop Carroll Senior High School (Catholic)
Bishop Pinkham Junior High School (Public)
Calgary Girls’ School (Charter)
Central Memorial Senior High School (Public)
Connect Charter School (Charter)
Ecole Sainte-Marguerite Bourgeoys (Francophone)
Jennie Elliott Elementary School (Public)
St. James Elementary and Junior High School (Catholic)

2. Submit Positive Feedback to Calgary 311

The 311 system is the only tangible, documented system to record positive feedback that proponents within the City of Calgary can point to actual statistics in support of disc golf at North Glenmore Park. Every comment counts. To keep North Glenmore Park and make it permanent, an overwhelming number of votes and comments in support must be received by the 311 system.

3. Submit Positive Feedback to Calgary Parks

The City of Calgary Parks department has been supportive and collaborative partners for the disc golf community over the past few years to keep up with the exponential demand in popularity of our sport. The Parks department has given us a number of opportunities to set up and evaluate temporary disc golf course spaces around the City of Calgary, including North Glenmore Park.

The City of Calgary Parks department has also been supportive of disc golf related grant applications and as our main stakeholder partner, is key to the future of disc golf and our community. Continue to show your support for the Calgary Parks team.


4. Spread the Word. Share this story on social media to every disc golf community across Canada.

Share this story on social media to every disc golf community across Canada.  Encourage other disc golf communities across Canada to submit their feedback to save North Glenmore Park.

5. Play more disc golf at North Glenmore Park and other City of Calgary locations.

Record rounds on UDisc, be a good disc golf community citizen. Be a great advocate and ambassador. Be respectful, welcoming, follow the rules and bylaws and keep our park spaces clear of trash.

Grow the community, join the Calgary Disc Golf Club and help increase the membership to have a larger say against those that oppose the sport of disc golf and our community.

Lastly, we would like to organize a committee of volunteers for a forum or summit to enhance dialogue and understanding, prior to October 2022.  If you would like to be a part of this group, direct message YYC Disc Golf or the Calgary Disc Golf Club.