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Baker Park Red Layout FAQ

Baker Park Red Layout Frequently Asked Questions 

by YYC Disc Golf – Last updated August 26, 2022

Why did the City supplement the current course layout with a new Red layout?

Baker Park is a multi-use public Park. The redesign has been done in a way that reduces liability and increases environmental sustainability, while still allowing the continued use of part of the park as a disc golf course . 

What will the Red layout look like?

As many have undoubtedly noticed the red teepads, the collars and pylons throughout the course it gives you an idea of the new design. Official maps will be released via UDisc and social media when ready.

Once changed to the Red layout, will we ever see the Silver layout again?

Ultimately the rotation between the layouts will be up to the City of Calgary and their management schedule for the park.

What is the need for another set of baskets? Why not use and move the current baskets to a new pin location?

The Red and Silver layouts will not be played simultaneously, rather on a rotation throughout the season. It is extremely important that only one set of baskets and teepads (Silver or Red) will be playable at any one time. Red tee pads play to Red baskets. Silver tee pads play to Silver baskets. This enhances the user experience for beginners and experienced players alike while avoiding confusion and cross-play. 

What is happening with the other baskets when not in use?

The Silver baskets are City of Calgary assets and will remain at Baker Park in storage and will be played in rotation with the Red baskets. Only one set of baskets (Silver or Red) will be playable at any one time. When the baskets are not in play they will be put into storage. 

Will the course be closed? 

The course will be closed on September 1, 2022 from 8am until 5pm while the basket change over takes place. Please avoid using the course while the work is being completed, and be respectful of the workers while they complete this part of the project. 

Disc Golf Etiquette

Disc golf is an inclusive sport that allows everyone a chance to get outside and enjoy the challenge, camaraderie and diversity that the game provides. To help keep disc golf safe and fun, there are some rules of etiquette that should be followed to keep the round flowing smoothly:

  1. Be patient. When following other groups out on the course, wait until the group ahead has cleared the area you are throwing to, so you don’t risk hitting other players. This also includes non-players, as many disc golf courses share space in public parks. Pedestrians may be unaware of disc golf going on, respectfully inform them and wait until they clear.
  2. Leave the course in the same condition that you started in. Any litter or recycling you have, dispose of it in a proper receptacle, do not leave it out on the course. In addition to keeping things clean, respect the flora and fauna. Breaking branches or destroying natural vegetation can ruin the layout of a hole, and detract from the course as a whole.
  3. Keep speed of play in mind when ahead of other groups or when the course is busy. Keep to smaller groups, and avoid throwing extra practice shots to allow for faster play. If looking for a lost disc, allow other groups to play through. Let faster players go ahead. If you notice that a player or group behind you is moving at a faster pace, wait on the next tee and allow them to go ahead. This is called letting someone “play through”.
  4. Try to return found discs. Most discs are marked, look to see if there is a way you could possibly contact its owner. Often, people put phone numbers and/or e- mail addresses on discs. Another way to return lost discs is to check MIA Golf Discs YYC on Facebook, or “Lost and Found “at local retailers.
  5. Keep music at a reasonable volume. Not everyone on the course wishes to hear music while playing. Make sure your music is just loud enough for you to hear. Your personal preference may not be the same as others sharing the course.
  6.  Be respectful when others throw. Stand well behind other players while they’re throwing and try not to talk or make noise. Refrain from vulgarity or profanity. 

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