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Successful putt-a-palooza event

The CDGC putting based event, ‘putt-a-palooza’, was held last Sunday and was a great success.

With a total of 46 participants, we fit into the Calgary Horseshoe club nicely with 12 different putting stations testing a wide variety of putting skills. And of course some just crazy shots. The Horseshoe Club was staffed and open for the event providing hot lunch and drinks (soft and otherwise).

The event was masterminded by Dave Grose and James Kozumi as a kick off to the 2023 CDGC disc golf season in Calgary. The event ran very smoothly thanks to James and Dave as well as a strong group of volunteers who came up with the unique set of obstacles.

Everyone had a great time on Sunday and we look forward to additional putting based indoor events this year at the Horseshoe Club.

The winners of the event were:

2023 Putt-a-palooza Winners
L-R German Cuellar, Blair McComb, Michele Wellsby, Jon Verch, Jackson Pease and James Lo Pinto. presenter – Alex Penney