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CDGC, CDGC 1000, Currie Reservoir

The Future of Richmond Green aka Currie Reservoir

The City of Calgary Richmond Green project team has refined the Preferred Concept Plan and is ready to share it with the public. 

The CDGC has been working with the city project team, along with other interested groups, as they worked out the Preferred Concept Plan for the future uses of the Richmond Green land. As you can see by clicking on the link above, Disc Golf is a definite part of the Preferred Concept Plan. Let the team know your thoughts on the concept plan and how much you enjoy using the space. Also included in the concept plan is bike pump track, horticultural displays, art walk, destination playground, pickleball, basketball, cricket batting cages, picnic areas and a running loop. The layout of the disc golf course has not yet been determined but would include a full 18 hole course.

This will be a great park area bringing together many different groups.

Let the city know your thoughts by answering the survey in the link above.