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Falcons Flight

Celebration of Life – Ron (Rudy) Falconer

(We are fortunate to have the personal recollections of Rudy Falconers memorial
held on May 20th, as written by his daughters, Amanda and Chrissy Falconer.)

Schott’s lake was the perfect place to begin the memorial of Ron Rudy Falconer.
Surely, he would have approved. The gathering of his disc golf family was incredible
with the beautiful lake and forest setting. So many people attended to pay their
respects to him and his family. The eulogy took place outside with the lake in the
background and was soon followed by a fantastic catered lunch, and a slideshow of
his life. Everyone gathered and talked and smiled and laughed. Some of these
people had not seen each other in years but were brought back together to
celebrate the life of one of their own. Everyone then made their way back to Aspen
Meadows to set up camp and watch the family put my Father’s ashes into the
ground with the newly planted trees on sunset lookout. On his death bed, he had a
moment of clarity, and he became quite lucid, and I told him that Amanda and I
thought the sunset lookout should be his final resting place, and that we wanted to
honour his love of the great outdoors by planting trees there with him. He smiled, nodded, and said “yup”. I knew he was sincerely happy with this choice as he closed his eyes to rest again. Once his ashes were placed and warm, loving and fond words were spoken, the disc golf began! To me, it felt just like Falcons Flight. It was as though my Father was still with us, just around the next bend, playing golf with his friends. With everyone around, it was impossible not to laugh and smile, and I know that the day went exactly as he would have wanted it to. As for me, I did not know people smiled like that at funerals! It was truly a remarkable feeling. I felt the love
for my father every single moment of that weekend, and I will never forget it either. I am sure that many people are wondering what will become of Aspen Meadows… and I can tell you that my Fathers legacy will continue on for as many years as my sister and I can possibly do! I promised him this, and I plan to keep this promise. As he lay dying, I told him that I am terrified of the future because I am not ready, that I have no CLUE how to run two golf courses with A-Tier tournaments! That I cannot fail this because I would never forgive myself. As he lay there hugging my sobbing
body, he told me that is why there are so many people who are going to help me… “and I’m going to be there too”, he said. His words could not have been more true! This is something I am discovering. Before he passed, he reached out into the disc golf community to ask for people’s help to carry on Aspen Meadows and Falcons Flight. A not-for-profit was started, AMDGC, and is being maintained by the help of some of his closest friends and family. Without their help, Amanda and I would be completely lost! But thankfully we have such a wonderful group to help through this journey and keep Aspen Meadows alive, the way my father intended. Thank you to our grounds keepers/maintenance crew for all of their continued work. And thank you to the Aspen Meadows and Falcon’s Flight committee for everything. It means more to our family than words can express.

Link to Rudys video interview as shown at the memorial

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