Supporting Disc Golf in Calgary, Alberta!

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Teamwork makes the dream work at DRM this spring!

It’s time for your Disc Golf Avengers to assemble, because 18 villainous baskets are out there, and can only be defeated with a well-thrown disc!

Coming up on Saturday, April 6th, prepare for a new type of tournament! Suitable for every skill level, this team-based event will keep you guessing as new twists await along the course…

Gather together your super team of 4 and note: each team must include at least one female player and/or junior (under age 13) player. No sidekicks? You can still be a disc golf hero by registering as a single player, and we will do our best to find you the perfect par-tners!

To help you prepare, here’s some more info:

  • Each player will be paired up with one of their 3 teammates for 6 holes each (rotating doubles).
  • 9 holes will be best shot doubles, and 9 holes will be worst shot doubles.
  • 2 players from each team will throw from short tees and 2 from long tees (this can change on each hole – that’s part of the strategy).
  • This event is not a closed course tournament – please be mindful of other players and allow faster groups to play through!

The cost will be $10 per player, and a CDGC membership is required to participate. CDGC memberships can be purchased here if you don’t have one already!

Non-cash prizes will be awarded for the top team (or teams, depending on the number of teams registered).

To register for this awesome event, click here!