Supporting Disc Golf in Calgary, Alberta!

CDGC, Currie Reservoir, Volunteer

It is time for Currie Reservoir to be prepared for summer. This is the way.

Sadly, our course droids are leaking propellant and will take too long to fix, so we need human volunteers to help restore Currie Reservoir DGC to its summer layout. May the Fourth be with you this Saturday if you choose to join us as we rebel against the winter layout.

Make sure to bring gloves, snacks, and especially water and sunscreen – unlike Tatooine, we only have one sun, but it can still get pretty hot!

We’ll be meeting at the first tee at 9:00 am and volunteers will be needed until roughly 2:00 pm. I’m not sure what the odds are of us finishing early, but someone’s telling me I should never tell him the odds anyway…

If you happen to have any of the following tools and are willing to bring them with you, that would be amazing: Small sledgehammers, electric drills with fully charged batteries, shovels, rakes, rangefinders, tape measures, dolly (either 2 wheel standing, or 4 wheel moving), heavy duty towing ropes, utility knives, scissors, or flat head screwdrivers. Oh, and lightsabers, naturally.

Register here to help… you’re our only hope!