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Beginner and intermediate disc golf clinics starting soon!

The Calgary Disc Golf Club is very pleased to offer disc golf skill clinics for both beginners and intermediate players! Learn from experienced local players and improve your skills. Bring your family or some friends along, all ages are welcome.

These clinics are free for existing CGDC members, and only $10 for non-members!

Beginner-friendly discs will be provided, but of course you are absolutely welcome to bring your own.

Beginner clinic dates & locations:

May 30 @ Bonavista Downs

Jun. 12 @ Edgemont

Jun. 27 @ Lifesport (this clinic also includes a discount on disc purchases at Lifesport on the day of the event)

Jul. 24 @ Thorncliffe

Aug. 7 @ Big Marlborough

Aug. 22 @ Bonavista Downs

Intermediate clinic dates & locations:

Jul. 10 @ Currie Reservoir

Sep. 4 @ Big Marlborough

All clinics will run from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm.