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CDGC Junior Player Award (JPA)

CDGC Junior Player Award Terms of Reference July 2018 (PDF Version)

July 2018
Calgary Disc Golf Club
Junior Player Award (JPA)

Terms of Reference


The JPA was originally created to support Noah Higgins’ travel expenses to the Junior World Championships in Emporia, Kansas in 2017. Given its high level of support expressed by club members the club decided to continue giving the award out.

To provide financial support for talented disc golfers under 18 in order enable them to achieve their full golfing potential. The award is intended for any junior player who, in addition to demonstrating a high level of professionalism and skill, also shows enthusiasm, initiative, and all around good sportsmanship.

Any disc golf player under 18 who permanently resides in Alberta. Any member of the CDGC, including family members, can nominate a player.


The club executive will solicit nominations for the award online and either ask club members to vote or adjudicate amongst themselves. The nomination must be accompanied by a short description of the player’s qualities and/or justification for why they deserve the award. The club’s decision must be posted online as to why that player was selected. Any notifications announcing the winner should only be made after the nominee has agreed to accept the award and should, ideally, be made at the AGM.


1. The player should be a skilled disc golf player who consistently excels in the sport.
2. A player can only be given the award twice.
3. Preference should be given to currently registered PDGA junior players who participate in PDGA-sanctioned tournaments.
4. The club does not have to award a prize every year.
5. The award should be in the amount of $400.
6. The funds will be provided as a reimbursement of expenses (e.g. tournament fees, travel/hotel expenses for tournament, or disc golf related equipment). There needs to be proof that the money is spent on the awardee’s disc golf development.
7. If the awardee declines the award, the prize may be given to the next most-voted for player.