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Final 2019 Tuesday League Results

Click for Regular Season League Results up to Week 15 (August 13)

Click for 2019 Finals Results

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2019 CDGC Tuesday Night League.
A very successful turn out this year.

Some regular season tidbits:

  • 516 players games in total
  • 34.4 average number of players each week
  • 67 different people played at least 1 week
  • 55 different people won some money
  • 2 ACES hit during season
  • 1 ACE and 1 HOLLAR hit during playoffs

Congratulations to all players, especially our top 6 in each division


1st – Beven Payne
2nd – Pete Rioux
3rd – Darren Haugen
4th – Dave Miron
5th – Stevan Loertscher
6th – Jordan Brennan


1st – Amber Hayward
2nd – Kyle Paige
3rd – Jacob Pease
4th – Alan Herring
5th – Adam Kochanek
6th – Bruce Bcais

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