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2021 Edgemont Junior Disc Golf Challenge


The 2021 Edgemont Junior Disc Golf Challenge is the Calgary Disc Golf Club’s (CDGC) second event for the JUNIOR disc golf season for under age 18 youth. It’s about fun and growing the disc golf community. Those new to the sport are welcome too! 

The location is the Edgemont Disc Golf Course. We will use the existing 11 hole locations, but with portable baskets and each child will be eligible for a group disc golf lesson prior to their first round. Two rounds will be played. We might even have a putting contest and other fun stuff!

Player cards will be setup to meet or exceed current Alberta Health Services COVID-19 restrictions. We will endeavor to pair up friends if possible. Cards will likely range from 2-4 players. Experienced CDGC players will be on site to cheer kids on and assist with play (in a socially distanced fashion). 

Bring at least one disc! If you are a beginner, any conventional ‘frisbee’ style disc will do. Typically as people get better they specialize into disc golf discs. So don’t worry!

What is the challenge at Edgemont? Wind, hills/slopes and short distances – birdie potential! 


More About Format

Totally new to disc golf or still learning? Players will be sorted into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. Maximum score on any hole will be double par; official results will be adjusted accordingly. 

More details about start times and how to report in your child’s score will be emailed out in the days leading up to the Challenge. We do encourage you to look up the Edgemont course on UDisc and install the Udisc app on your mobile device!

CDGC Membership

Registration requires a CDGC Junior membership purchase or an existing CDGC Junior membership. A Family membership is also acceptable. A CDGC membership will provides access to benefits including access to future tournaments and events hosted throughout the year! A membership also provides funds to help develop junior initiatives, maintain local courses and develop new courses throughout the city. A Junior Membership is in effect until the member is 18 years old!

Child not a member yet? First go to:

then return back to the registration page to register your child for the Challenge. 

More details and event registration here!