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Baskets Installed at Big Marlborough

The CDGC is proud to announce the installation of baskets at the Big Marlborough disc golf course. The baskets that have been installed were originally installed at Forest Lawn. When Forest lawn got 12 new Prodigy baskets a year ago, the old baskets were upgraded by CDGC volunteers and trade students from Jack James High School. We would like to thank the City of Calgary, the Parks Foundation and CDGC volunteers for making this project a reality and getting these baskets installed safely and efficiently. In April 2021, this course opened through the hard work of local Calgary disc golfers, Melissa Bright, Amber (Hayward) Chaisson and a team of dedicated volunteers to create the first known disc golf course in Canada to be created by female disc golf volunteers. A list of these volunteers and more information about the Big Marlborough course click here – LINK

The course is open for play. Please note that there is currently no basket for hole 12 and this hole can be played to the post installed or to the hole 1 basket. If you are interested in volunteering with the Calgary Disc Golf Club with projects like this or in other capacities, please reach out via email to