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33 New Baskets added to Calgary Courses

November 24, 2023

Calgary Disc Golf Club is excited to announce that the tonal courses at Stanley Park and Lindsay Park will be getting upgraded to baskets!  Both courses offer accessible, inner city disc golf options focused on family fun.

Construction and installation at Stanley Park is currently underway, likely to be playable as of November 24.  Construction and installation at Lindsay Park is scheduled for next week, weather permitting, likely to be playable in early December.  Please be mindful of the City crews working and remain a safe distance away while playing the courses.

Stanley Park Disc Golf Course

uDisc link to Stanley Park DGC

– Seasonal courses open for play during spring, fall and winter.  Courses will be closed during the summer months around the time the outdoor swimming pool is open and during any other significant events or park bookings.  

– Revised layout includes options for two x 9 hole courses for a total of 18 holes.  The southeast course layout  respects the multi-use and seasonal recreational space bookings within the park.  The northeast course layout is a short and fun ace run course.  It is designed primarily as a Par 2 course and for beginner or recreational players can be enjoyed as a Par 3 layout. 

Lindsay Park Disc Golf Course

uDisc link to Lindsey Park DGC

– Year round course, closed during bookings for special events or construction at the MNP Centre.

– 19 hole disc golf course designed primarily for a fun, mixed Par 2 and Par 3 disc golf experience for the entire family.  The revised layout respects the busy, multi-use of the park, parking lot and sporting complex.

This project would not be possible without the support of:

Calgary Disc Golf Club.   Through the generous support of its members, sponsors and volunteers,  CDGC has provided for the 33 Dynamic Disc Veteran Baskets for both Stanley Park and Lindsay Park, making this project possible. Special thanks to Alan Callihoo, Gayle Wolf and Dave Grose.

City of Calgary.  The City of Calgary is our main stakeholder and best partner for continuing to enhance the accessibility and support the growth of our sport.  Please continue to provide positive feedback to the 3-1-1 system to encourage more venues and budget for disc golf in 2024.  Thank you to Calgary Parks, Infrastructure, Recreation, Playfield Booking, Urban Forestry, Urban Conservation departments, among others who have made these projects possible.

Dynamic Discs.  For growing the game around the world and their support of the Calgary disc golf community at Lloyd Park and now Stanley and Lindsay Park who have made these projects possible.  Special thanks to BJ McKay and Fabian Oloarte.

YYC Disc Golf.  In response to the exponential growth in the sport and the temporary DRM course closure in 2020, volunteers from YYC Disc Golf coordinated with the City of Calgary to install four temporary disc golf courses throughout the city, including the Stanley Park and Lindsay Park locations.  Special thanks to Greg Rafter and James Koizumi.

Next steps

– CDGC volunteers will begin to update the UDisc Layouts and Scorecards.  In addition, volunteers will be required to transport, construct and install the baskets at Lindsay Park.  Please contact the CDGC if you are interested in helping.

– Next spring, the CDGC will continue to work with the City of Calgary on some minor enhancements including sandwich board signage and teepad markers.